15 Amazingly Beautiful DIY Dollar Store Crafts

Need a little craft inspiration to keep you busy this weekend? Check out these amazing crafts that you can make using items from the dollar store! From pretty planters to colorful trivets to adorable animal bookends, you are sure to find one or more projects here that you simply have to make.


Serving Traycutefetti.com

Framed Mirror + Placemat = Serving Tray 

Cake Standalittlecraftinyourday.com

Elegant Cut-Glass Dinner Plate + Glass Taper Candleholder = Cake Stand


Marble Mugsthesweetestoccasion.com

White Ceramic Mugs + Nail Polish + Toothpicks + Nail Polish Remover = Marble Mugs


Mini Greenhouseellaclaireinspired.com

8 Picture Frames + Hot Glue + Spray Paint = Mini Greenhouse


Metallic Rope Throw Basketlydioutloud.com

Round Laundry Basket + Paint + Jute Rope + 1 Yard Felt = Metallic Rope Throw Basket


Gorgeous Chandeliersarahontheblog.blogspot.com

Hula Hoop + Ribbon + String Lights = Gorgeous Chandelier

Book Topiarysweettmakesthree.com

Candle Holder + Styrofoam Ball + Book = Book Topiary


Mirrored Planter Boxhisugarplum.com

Square Mirrors + Glue Gun = Mirrored Planter Box


Ampersand Artlivelovediy.com

12″ x 12″ Canvas + Gold Thumbtacks = Ampersand Art


Sunburst Mirrorhealthywealthydiys.com

Round Mirror + Bamboo Skewers + Gold Spray Paint = Sunburst Mirror


Glowing Photo Luminariesthatswhatchesaid.net

4 Picture Frames + Vellum Paper + Tea Light Candles = Glowing Photo Luminaries


Pottery Barn Inspired Eagan Mirroriammommahearmeroar.net

Square Mirrors + Piece of Plywood + Spray Paint + Wood Glue = Pottery Barn Inspired Eagan Mirror


Adorable Animal Bookendsmadincrafts.com

Plastic Toy Animals + Acrylic Photo Frames + Spray Paint = Adorable Animal Bookends


Colorful Trivetsdreamalittlebigger.com

Clothespins + Paint + Glue = Colorful Trivets


Geometric Plantershomemadeginger.com

Straws + Floral Wire + Metallic Spray Paint = Geometric Planters

Which of these craft ideas are your favorites? Let us know in the comments and as always, please do share this post with your friends by clicking on the buttons below!

15 Amazingly Beautiful DIY Dollar Store Crafts

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