15 Creative Things You Can Make from Cardboard Boxes

Almost everyone has cardboard boxes at home. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to make some useful and creative things. Here are 15 creative things you can make yourself using the boxes you no longer need. Some of these projects require the entire box and some only need sections of the cardboard, which means you could do a few different projects with one box, depending on the size.

 1   Cardboard Cactus

Cardboard Cactus

Tutorial via Jennifer Perkins

 2   Pretty Storage Bins from Cardboard Boxes

Storage Bins from Cardboard Boxes

Tutorial via Just Measuring Up


 3   DIY Cardboard Planter

Cardboard Planter

Tutorial via Fry-Wagner


 4   Cardboard Crowns

Cardboard Crowns

Tutorial via Mark Montano


 5   Cardboard Shoulder Bag

Cardboard Shoulder Bag

Tutorial via Second Skin Blog


 6   DIY Cardboard Box Dollhouse

Cardboard Box Dollhouse

Tutorial via Crafts by Courtney


 7   3D Faux Metal Letters

3D Faux Metal Letters

Tutorial via Grillo Designs

 8   Cardboard Marble Maze

cardboard marble maze

Tutorial via Hello Wonderful


 9   DIY Hexagon Wall Shelves

Hexagon Wall Shelves

Tutorial via Passion Shake


 10   Multipurpose Bed Table

Multipurpose Bed Table

Tutorial via Instructables


 11   DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

Cardboard Pendant Light

Tutorial via Poppytalk


 12   Triangle Bookends

Triangle Bookends

Tutorial via Almost Makes Perfect


 13   DIY Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Tutorial via A Piece of Rainbow


 14   Cardboard Flower Vases

Cardboard Flower Vases

Tutorial via Gina Tepper


 15   DIY Cardboard Clock

Cardboard Clock

Tutorial via Pysselbolaget

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15 Creative Things You Can Make from Cardboard Boxes

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