17 Awesome DIY Necklace Ideas Anyone Can Make

Looking for the perfect necklace to finish off your looks but can’t find anything you like? Try making your own!

Making your own necklace allows you to customize the length, colors, and design to match your own personal style. Here are 17 unique, colorful, easy-to-make necklaces that are sure to wow all of your friends.

 1   Button Necklace

button necklace

Tutorial via Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

 2   Dinosaur Necklace

dinosaur necklace

Tutorial via Short + Loud


 3   DIY Clothespin Necklace

Clothespin Necklace

Tutorial via Salvage and Stitch


 4   Wire Hand Necklace

wire hand necklace

Tutorial via Paper & Stitch


 5   Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea Glass Jewelry

Tutorial via The Decorated Cookie


 6   Pom Pom Ice Cream Necklaces

Pom Pom Ice Cream Necklaces

Tutorial via Handmade Charlotte

 7   DIY Feather Daydream Necklaces

Feather Daydream Necklaces

Tutorial via Quiet Lion Creations


 8   Polymer Clay Rainbow Necklace

Polymer Clay Rainbow Necklace

Tutorial via The Artisan Life


 9   DIY Painted Key Necklace

Painted Key Necklace

Tutorial via Hill City Bride


 10   Mini Faux Terrarium Necklace

Mini Faux Terrarium Necklace

Tutorial via Sew Much Ado


 11   Plastic Geometric Necklace

Plastic Geometric Necklace

Tutorial via Isoscella


 12   DIY Blingy Silk Tassel Necklace

Blingy Silk Tassel Necklace

Tutorial via Jewels of Sayuri


 13   Clay Triangle Trio Gold Necklace

Clay Triangle Trio Gold Necklace

Tutorial via Artful Days


 14   Cork Fabric Necklace

cork fabric necklace

Tutorial via Make and Fable


 15   Felt Garland Necklace

Felt Garland Necklace

Tutorial via Hello Glow


 16   Steampunk Necklace

Steampunk Necklace

Tutorial via Crafts Unleashed


 17   Bird Nest Necklace

Bird Nest Necklace

Tutorial via Sarah Ortega

These were the 17 beautiful DIY Necklaces that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you liked them. Tell us in the comments which one of them will you try to do and thus spice up your outfits this summer!

17 Awesome DIY Necklace Ideas Anyone Can Make

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