15 Cool Ways To Refashion Old Jeans

If you are looking for easy ways to update old jeans, you have come to the right place. Here are some great suggestions on how to renew your old jeans and make it fashionable again.

 1   DIY Fabric Cuff Jeans

Fabric Cuff Jeans

Tutorial via Collective Gen

 2   DIY Patched Skinny Jeans

Patched Skinny Jeans

Tutorial via Trinkets in Bloom


 3   Heart Patterned Jeans

Heart Patterned Jeans

Tutorial via Domestic Ingenuity


 4   Ombre Jeans

Ombre jeans

Tutorial via Pumps & Iron


 5   DIY Floral Embroidered Denim Jeans

Floral Embroidered Denim Jeans

Tutorial via Love Maegan

 6   Stamped Geometric Jeans

Stamped Geometric Jeans

Tutorial via Wild Amor


 7   DIY Animal Pattern Jeans

Animal Pattern Jeans

Tutorial via Fashionrolla


 8   DIY Lace Cuff Jeans

Lace Cuff Jeans

Tutorial via WobiSobi


 9   DIY Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans

Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess


 10   DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans

Pearl Embellished Jeans

Tutorial via Honestly WTF


 11   DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

Sequin Pocket Jeans

Tutorial via Andreafenise


 12   DIY Tie Dye Jeans

Tie Dye Jeans

Tutorial via Here is Now


 13   DIY American Flag Cuffs

American Flag Cuffs

Tutorial via Free People


 14   DIY Galaxy Pants

Galaxy Pants

Tutorial via Prudence And Austere


 15   DIY Polka Dot Jeans

Polka Dot Jeans

Tutorial via It’s Always Autumn

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15 Cool Ways To Refashion Old Jeans

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