20 Cute DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

So you’ve been invited to a baby shower, and you have no idea what to bring? Instead of buying ready-made gifts, try your hand at making something yourself!

Handmade gifts are always special and you always have the option of adding your personal touch to it. Here’s a list of some great do-it-yourself gift ideas that are ideal for baby showers. From baby toys to baby clothes to various other accessories, you are sure to find a gift that both the new baby and the mom-to-be will love!

 1   Pacifier Pocket

Pacifier Pocket

Tutorial: WeAllSew


 2   Diaper Bouquet

Diaper Bouquet

Tutorial: Frugal Fanatic


 3   Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens

Tutorial: Made to Be a Momma


 4   Diaper Pouch

Diaper Pouch

Tutorial: Noodlehead


 5   Fashionable Baby Headbands

Fashionable Baby Headbands

Tutorial: The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood

 6   Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

Tutorial: A Little Junk in My Trunk


 7   Upcycled Shirts to Baby Bibs

Upcycled Shirts to Baby Bibs

Tutorial: Rebecca Smith


 8   Onesie Cupcakes

Onesie Cupcakes

Tutorial: Chica Circle


 9   Soft Play Cubes

Soft Play Cubes

Tutorial: Sisters What


 10   Toms Inspired Baby Shoes

Toms Inspired Baby Shoes

Tutorial: Homemade Toast


 11   Lovey Tag Blanket

Lovey Tag Blanket

Tutorial: Wholefully


 12   Infant Carrier Carseat Cover

Infant Carrier Carseat Cover

Tutorial: Make it and Love it


 13   Nursery Door Latch Cover

Door Latch Cover

Tutorial: Practically Functional


 14   Baby Washcloth Lollipops

Baby Washcloth Lollipops

Tutorial: 320 Days of Sunshine


 15   Bubble Quilt

Bubble Quilt

Tutorial: Awaiting Ada


 16   Baby Snuggler

Baby Snuggler

Tutorial: Jedi Craft Girl


 17   Baby Backpack

Baby Backpack

Tutorial: Full Of The Dickens


 18   Fruit Hats

Fruit Hats

Tutorial: Delia Creates


 19   Pacifier Clips

Pacifier Clips

Tutorial: Project Nursery


 20   Diaper Wreath

Diaper Wreath

Tutorial: Cleverly Inspired

20 Cute DIY Baby Shower Ideas

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