15 Cool DIY Projects With Pennies

Pennies are typically used as currency, but they can also be used for a lot of craft projects. Here are some of our favorite DIY projects using pennies that might inspire you to give it a try!

 1   DIY Penny Art

Penny Art

Tutorial via A Swell Place to Dwell

 2   Beautiful Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Tutorial via USA Love List


 3   Penny Starburst Mirror

Penny Starburst Mirror

Tutorial via Real Happy Space


 4   Penny Top Coffee Table

Penny Top Coffee Table

Tutorial via Remove and Replace


 5   DIY Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof

Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof

Tutorial via Dream a Little Bigger


 6   Penny Wind Chime

Penny Wind Chime

Tutorial via Instructables

 7   DIY Penny Ball Garden Sphere

Penny Ball Garden Sphere

Tutorial via Kindred Style


 8   Penny Mirror Frame

Penny Mirror Frame

Tutorial via Honey Sweet Home


 9   Penny Letters

Penny Letters

Tutorial via The Crafted Sparrow


 10   The Penny Wall

Penny Wall

Tutorial via Adventures in Birding + Sustainability


 11   DIY Penny Photo Frame

penny photo frame

Tutorial via Oh So Lovely Blog


 12   DIY Penny Coasters

Penny Coasters

Tutorial via Seriously, I’m Thrifty


 13   Penny Necklace

Penny Necklace

Tutorial via Dollar Store Crafts


 14   Penny Vase

Penny Vase

Tutorial via Kreyv


 15   Penny Napkin Ring Holders

Penny Napkin Ring Holders

Tutorial via Kosher on a Budget

Which one of these projects is your favorite? Have you ever made a cool creation from pennies before? Let us know in the comments, and please share this post with your friends!

15 Cool DIY Projects With Pennies

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