11 Sewing Projects Using Fabric Scraps

Do you have tons of fabric scraps laying around? Instead of throwing them away, use them in easy sewing projects. We’ve gathered up 11 different ways that you can put those scraps of fabric to good use. Make yourself a headband or belt, or create something as a gift for someone else.

 1   Fabric Scrap Coasters

Create these unique drink coasters to keep your furniture safe from water marks.

Tutorial via Green Horned Unicorn

 2   Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Fabric gift bags are so easy to make. They are also inexpensive and can be used over and over again.

Tutorial via Creating My Way To Success

 3   Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

These bookmarks are the perfect gift for teachers, students, or anyone who loves to read.

Tutorial via The Crafty Mummy

 4   Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

Make use of scrap fabrics to create this super simple pocket size card holder.

Tutorial via The Fallen Hem

 5   Double-Sided Fabric Headbands

Double-Sided Fabric Headbands

Sew your fabric scraps into pretty hair accessories!

Tutorial via Happy Together

 6   Camera Bag

Camera Bag

Protect your camera with a DIY camera bag made from repurposed jean fabric.

Tutorial via Evil Mad Scientist

 7   Key Fob Wristlets

Key Fob Wristlets

These fun key fob wristlets not only make a fashion statement but make perfect gifts too!

Tutorial via Karin Jordan Studio

 8   Patchwork Travel Neck Pillow

Patchwork Travel Neck Pillow

This travel neck pillow is sure to make traveling much easier!

Tutorial via The Cottage Mama

 9   Scrappy Plastic Bag Dispenser

Scrappy Plastic Bag Dispenser

Stop shoving all those plastic bags into the cupboard or under the sink! This plastic bag dispenser will solve all your storage problems.

Tutorial via Samelia’s Mum

 10   Scrap-Pieced Belt

Scrap-Pieced Belt

Piece together pretty fabric scraps to make a stylish new belt.

Tutorial via Make it and Love it

 11   Finger Hot Pads

Finger Hot Pads

These little finger hot pads are the perfect accessory for your baking and cooking needs.

Tutorial via Crafty Asian Girl

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some ideas you’d like to try!

sewing projects using fabrcic scraps

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